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Guided Tour of Otokoyama Honten Sake Brewery

“At Otokoyama Honten, we are dedicated to producing sake which captures the essence of our region. 80% of the rice used in our production comes from Miyagi Prefecture. This puts our usage of local rice among the top of sake breweries in Miyagi. 

In addition, 20% of our rice comes from Kesennuma, and thanks to the support of local farmers we are able to produce specialized sake rice called “Kura no hana” right here in our hometown.

As for our water supply, we use local well water that has low mineral content (soft water). It is said that using soft water makes the fermentation process more difficult, however, using it effectively results in a sake with a smooth, easy-to-drink flavor.”  Learn more here.

“Koji,” is a fungus which is used to saccharify rice in the sake-making process. It is said to be the most important element in sake brewing
Brewers at Otokoyama Honten make koji

Otokoyama Honten offers tours of their brewery from Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm. If you’re interested in joining a tour, please reach out to me (, or contact the brewery directly by email (


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