I’m back!

Tomorrow will make two weeks since I’ve returned to Japan, and a little over a week since I started working at the Kesennuma Tourism Development Association. At the beginning of my last stint in Kesennuma, I had planned to do a weekly video blog (Which never got off the ground… ) To be honest with you though, I have neither the technical nor the comedic prowess to make entertaining YouTube content. I’m a writer at heart, so this time I’m gonna go oldschool and make a (primarily) text-based blog!

Life as an Indian-American dude in a small Japanese fishing town can be a pretty surreal, from planting rice with local elementary school kids, to drinking at an izakaya with fishermen who have sailed all over the world. I want to give you snapshots of my daily life here, and hopefully light the spark of interest that will bring you to visit! Kesennuma is quite far off the beaten path that most visitors to Japan take, but I can promise you it will be well-worth the effort. Many of my most memorable adventures have their beginnings in this town, and it would be a pleasure to help you to find an adventure of your own!

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