Kesennuma 「Find Your Port」 Ep.1: A Sushi Party with a Pro

Find Your Port. Here, in Kesennuma.

Ryosuke Imai is a sushi chef who has worked at top-tier Japanese restaurants around the world. For three years he worked as the chef at Tsunakan, a minshuku in the Karakuwa region of Kesennuma, Japan. Premium sushi establishments are well-known for promoting an air of exclusivity which seems to say, “If you’re not one of us, you don’t belong here.”

But Kesennuma is a city which breaks down all barriers. For hundreds of years, this has been a fisherman’s town, home to sailors who have landed in ports all over the world. It is the spirit of these fishermen who found welcoming shores in farway foreign lands that lives on in the hearts of the people of Kesennuma. This is a city where you can come into a local izakaya and make friends from all walks of life while being treated to some of the finest Japanese cuisine anywhere in the world. Wherever you’re coming from, wherever you’re going, stop in to Kesennuma and stay for a while.

Our Port is Your Port. Welcome Home.

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